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Craig Abrahart

Hello Luke,

Many thanks for my first lesson last week, I managed to sneak out for 14 holes after work other day with mate. Absolutely smashed it, shot 38 points over 14 holes, only regret didn't have enough time to play the last 4. Looking forward to my next lesson already!


Craig Abrahart

Member of Abridge GC

Dan Baker

I have been having lessons with Luke for over 2 years now, he has dropped my handicap dramatically, from 28 to 8, I have stuck with him through times when my golf wasn’t very good and he has got me back on track playing golf to my handicap.

He has helped me decide on which new clubs to buy and what shafts would suit my swing and get the best out of the club. He uses a camera to video your swing and has often emailed home videos and commentary so I don’t forget what I need to work on, on the course.

Luke is a very kind and helpful and will listen to you when you are explaining how you are playing, this makes him a really good teacher and I am willing to stick with him for the future, I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to any of my golfing friends, top guy.

Cheers Luke

Paul Middleton

I went to see Luke Eggleston in May 2016 and booked a course of 6 lessons. I had previously had a course of 12 lessons with another Golf Professional in 2011 and had struggled to improve my game. Luke claimed before our first lesson that after the course of lessons he would improve my game and lower my handicap by 3 shots. When I started with Luke I was a 15 handicap, recently I have won 4 singles competitions at Wanstead Golf Club and seen my handicap reduce to 10.

I would recommend Luke to any golfer looking to improve their game.

Paul Middleton
Wanstead Golf Club

Nevill Skelton

Just to say thank you once again for a 1st Class service and fitting and a relaxed warm welcome with a coffee goes a long way!

Once again it has been proven just how essential a fitting is. Who'd have thought I'd be hitting Mizuno Forged Tour irons higher, longer and with a softer shorter stop than my PING G25's!

Also we fitted my Driver, 3 wood, rescues and wedges with matching thicker grips as in my irons and the results were incredible. As you had stated I did indeed loosen my grip on the clubs giving a much more free swing. This just goes to show how important even the grip is on fitting. Also taking 1" off the driver shaft actually increased distance by being more accurate.

It's incredulous that people still buy clubs off the internet or shop shelf just because they like the look of them and they are probably cheap, what a mistake to make!

Happy golfing!

Phil Stevens

I have been playing golf for a year now and have been using clubs bought on eBay. I have been having lessons and felt it was time to invest in a new set of clubs. My golf coach recommended Luke for a club fitting.

I made my appointment, on arriving at the studio Luke greeted me and immediately put me at ease asking a few questions then getting me to hit some shots with my own clubs. Using the data that was generated and a few swings with a practice club I was on my way to trying different head and shaft options. There was the odd wayward shot but Luke was very patient and once again put me at ease.

Throughout the whole process he explained what he was doing and how he was using the data to find the right club for me. Once I had decided on the shaft the lie was checked and I ended up with clubs that I was very happy and comfortable with. I was that impressed with Luke and the professional way in which he conducted the fitting it inspired me to order a set Mizuno clubs there and then.

Luke ordered them for me on the Monday and on that Friday Luke phoned me to say the clubs were ready for collection. I picked them up and went straight to the driving range had a lesson then played in our local swindle that afternoon which I won with my new clubs.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke for a golf club fitting.


Phil Stevens

Ian Howson

Just a few words of thanks for assisting me to become a better golfer. I have been having lessons for about a couple of years. I recently signed up for Luke’s game improvement programme. Luke has provided a solid basis for improving my game which has helped enormously. I have managed to hit my best ever round 83 on a par 71 this year and also my best ever front 9 of 40 only 4 over par. Not bad for a 23 handicap. Unfortunately I am now moving away from the area. I aim to keep working on the things that Luke has taught me and will I am sure improve further. Once again thanks for your help it has been a pleasure.

Ian Howson

Neil Burke

I played golf to a good standard 20 years ago then starting playing again last June.

After having 2 different coaches whereby my golf was struggling as they were far too technical, it was a breath of fresh air to meet Luke.

He's simplified my swing yet made me hit longer, straighter with a more seamless approach over the ball in a short space of time.


Thanks Luke

Neil Burke

Stephen Bough

I won a taster session with Luke at the LE Custom Fit Studio on an online competition.

The facility is magnificent. A vast putting area where you can practice and have fitting done greets you when you walk in the door and the studio is behind that.

The studio is the state of the art facility, akin to the screens seen in the Sky Sports Studio. You can hit at simulated targets, driving ranges, or several courses. All are available after a quick phone call or e-mail.

When I went to the taster session Luke asked if I wanted to look at anything in particular. I have Titleist Woods with the SureFit hosel, but had never had them set up correctly. 10 minutes later after a few swings and Luke had cracked it. Not only did he use the technology to maximize launch and trajectory, but he also advised me on technique to really get the best out my clubs.

So impressed was I with this taster session that I had no hesitation in calling him when I wanted to upgrade my Hybrid. I knew I wanted another Titleist to match my existing Driver and 3 Wood but had no idea what model. A quick chat and warm up and then we were off to the races to get the best hybrid. I hit a succession of long irons to collect distances and carry and then moved on to the 3 wood and did the same. A few quick swings with my old hybrid showed where the gap was in my yardages and then I was in Luke’s hands. We talked about wanting a club that carried a certain distance, but landed soft, and the first club he handed me was absolutely spot on. The best thing about all this is that I never mentioned the shaft. Secretly I wanted the same shaft as my driver and 3 wood, but wanted to allow the data to really maximize the club’s potential. Well whether it was the data, or Luke’s trained eye that done the business, but without asking Luke fitted exactly the same sort of shaft as I had in my other clubs.

I really cannot recommend this place highly enough. Luke will not try and reinvent the wheel, but will gauge your ability and expectations and just use the modern technology to get the best out of your game. The hitting bay is air conditioned…….and if you’re really lucky you may even get a fresh cup of tea or coffee! Any questions, please feel free to ask. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Stephen Bough

Paul Halama

Like many of us I had spent many years fiddling with my swing with variable success but had tired of the inconsistency. Luke quickly identified the flaws in my swing and was able to explain the issues and the reasons for my inconsistency in a manner that demystified the source of my problems and helped me to clear my mind of a bewildering mix of fiddles and quick fixes.

More importantly, Luke has been able to train me with a set of uncomplicated and easy to follow movements that have had an immediate impact on the solidness and consistency of my swing.

Furthermore, I now have a go-to set of drills that I understand and can rely on if I lose shape.

Kind regards

Paul Halama

Helen Muir

I was introduced to Luke and Mizuno by my coach. It was clear that the men's irons I were using were far too heavy for me and that my eclectic selection of woods was far from optimal !

I had two separate fittings, one for irons and a long game fitting. I would highly recommend splitting the fitting sessions if anyone is looking to replace a full set as each sessions took more than an hour and involved a lot of swinging and a lot of analysis. There were three of us at the first session, myself (a ladies bronze team player) a single handicap lady and our coach. It was great fun as well as being informative and Luke was equally attentive to all our requirements. The seemingly never ending combination of shafts and heads meant that despite our very different golfing ability both myself and the single handicap lady selected a suitable set of irons which were duly delivered within a week.

I returned a month later for my long game fitting as soon as the Mizuno ladies 2016 range was available. We started with the driver and to my disappointment, despite all the possible adjustments, I was hitting my ten year old driver better than the new Mizuno. There was no hard selling at this point and we agreed that it wasn't worth while replacing my driver at this time. The fairway woods were a different story, the minute I addressed the ball with the 3 wood I knew it was for me, in fact I was hitting it as far as my driver. I came away with the 3 wood and a rescue club and collected a 5 wood to complete the set a few days later.

Thanks to Luke and his state of the art facility, and Mizuno for fulfilling their promise of delivery within 7 working days I now have a brand new shiny set of clubs ready for the 2016 golf season.

Helen Muir

Alex McHugh

I started taking lessons with Luke a little over 4 months ago now and the improvement in my game has been dramatic.  Luke quickly identified issues in my technique and with the aid of his video equipment could show me exactly what I was doing wrong and give clear guidance on what I needed to do to improve.

He does not over complicate the lessons instead gives a few key points to work on that allowed me to improve rapidly and gain confidence in my game.  In the past I have had lessons with others that have left me confused and my only regret is that I did not find out about his lessons sooner.

I could not recommend enough!

Alex McHugh

Brian Holland

I recently visited Luke at his Roding Lane South studio and workshop. The lies of my irons needed adjusting. Luke took the time to ensure the manufacturers lies were correct and found that the 8 iron varied considerably from the makers specification. So, after having me hit balls on the striking plate he advised that the clubs should be 1.5 degrees flatter than the original specification to suit me.

He quickly and effectively did this in his comprehensively equipped workshop. Throughout that time he explained everything he was doing and his charge was very reasonable. As far as I am concerned I would have no hesitation in recommending any golfer to make an appointment with Luke to sort out your clubs to help you play better golf. He is an expert and professional club maker and fitter. Nothing is too much trouble for him if it can help you improve your game.

I want everyone who reads this testimonial to know that Luke Is not only an extremely likeable, he is more importantly knowledgable, club fitter and professional.

He goes out of his way to help you, and explains the work he is doing to adjust your golf clubs and at reasonable cost. It was a pleasure to meet him today and to know I will benefit from his expertise.

Brian Holland-Jones

Ed Flack

Having had lessons from many different pros over the years it is refreshing to find somebody who understands what we mere mortals want out of our golf - more consistency and not to have 5,000 things to think about before we start a swing.

Luke keeps things very simple and will not move onto stage two until stage one has been mastered. This means that lessons may concentrate on just one element. However they are never boring - lots of banter and always time for a laugh along the way. His use of video footage allowed me to see before and after swings and helped me to self diagnose when things went a bit awry.

If you are looking for more consistency or to shave a few strokes off of your handicap painlessly and enjoyably then give Luke a shout.

I have been fitted by irons before but never to the degree of detail that I got when I visited Luke. The software that he uses gives brilliant feedback on how different clubs work for you. In just over an hour I was really confident that I had the clubs that were right for me. Since buying them and getting used to them I have been back to check my yardages. If you've never done this before then I would really encourage you to try it with Luke - its a real eye opener!

Many thanks Luke


Ed Flack

John Woolnough

I began lessons with Luke in late 2014.  I had been stuck on an 11/12 handicap for years.

The environment and technology at his new studio was very appealing to me, providing instant feedback to my swing faults through various camera positions whilst also recording swing speed, swing path, spin & launch angle etc.   Seeing this on the big screen was good……….the swing wasn’t.

Thanks to Luke I am now down to a 6 handicap and I have treated myself to a brand new set of MP5’s and custom wedges with him.

The fitting process was over two sessions, both in excess of 2 hours and a lot of fun.  Luke makes no hard sell on you, he just wants it right.


Thanks for everything Luke.



Jack DeLooper

“Where do I start!?

I was recommended to Luke by a mutual friend (who’s equally addicted to golf as I am) and I can easily say it’s been the best thing I’ve done since I picked up a club.

I’ve been having lessons with Luke for just a few months now and the changes already are immense.

The consistency in my ball striking, the control over my irons and off the tee, the way I approach each shot mentally  – these aspects among others are already shaving 3-5 strokes off my rounds (and we haven’t even touched the short game yet!)

Luke’s easy to talk with and listen to; you just know he’s there because he genuinely wants to see improvement in people. Nothing is forceful about his lessons and everything is delivered in such a manner that you feel excited about the changes you’re making. He explains that practicing and improving isn’t just about going to the range and hitting 120 balls until your hands are blistered – but deliberate practice, thinking through and feeling what you’re trying to achieve in your swing is actually the way to a better game.

You feel relaxed in his presence and his facilities are second to none – all immaculately kept!

Every time I have a lesson I leave with a big cheesy Phil Mickleson grin on my face! I’ve already recommended him to many of my other friends and family and I look forward to continuing my progress with him for a long time to come. Many thanks Luke!

Jack Delooper – 10HCP (going on 5)”

Andy Clark

A golfing friend asked me about a new golfing facility near where I live, I hadn’t heard about it so I looked it up on the internet, it looked good & was five minutes up the road so I booked a single lesion with Luke, as my game was stuck in a bit of a rut & I wanted to straighten & lengthen it.

Luke’s facilities are excellent & his approach is very personable and professional & at the end of the first lesson I booked a six lesson bundle.

Luke is very good at spotting what is wrong with your swing but the best thing is he does not make big changes at one time, he tends to alter small things & make changes slowly so as not to overwhelm you with too much information at once.

I have now completed the six lessons & have a new stance, grip & swing & I’m hitting the ball straighter & longer approximately 10 to 15 yards longer per club.

I have scored 37 or 38 points 4 out of the last 5 rounds so I’m showing more consistency & scoring & enjoying my golf more.

I know in the future I will be going back to Luke for a brush up or to jump to the next level. I will also be going back next time I want new clubs for the custom club fitting.

Many thanks Luke.

Andy Clark

Arthur Chalk

I have recently started working with Luke, about 5 months ago. In that time Luke has analysed my strength and weaknesses, in order to decide where we should start. Consequently we found my putting and short game was not good enough so we have been working hard on that, the results are showing already as my handicap has been cut from 10 to 5, in this short space!

We haven't just been working on short game we vary the lessons to improve each area, normally we work in one of the studios with a launch monitor, this is where Luke is an expert helping me to understand and develop my game while improving my knowledge of my numbers that I generate. Overall I think that Luke is a very very good coach, is very dedicated with early starts and late evenings and I believe that Luke has a brilliant understanding of each aspects, be it putting, short game and long game along with preparing you mentally.

Art Chalk, now a very happy 5 H'Cap

Chris Powell

Don't even think about going anywhere else if you are looking for improvement in your golf game.

What sets Luke apart from other coaches is his ability to implement real changes to your game in a short period of time without taking away your ability to go out and play. This allows you to continue playing to a high level without spending weeks away from the course getting frustrated whilst trying to make those adjustments.

As with all top level coaches he constantly asks for player feedback and will happily question why you currently do or think certain things. This method accelerates your development since he engages you in your own learning.

The plethora of technology he has in his fantastic indoor studio often merely confirms what he's been teaching you but it's great to have the stats up on the screen showing spin rates,launch angles, carry distances etc. All golfers want to know how far they hit it!

However, the only thing better than the state of the art indoor studio is the quality of coaching.
I would 100% recommend Luke to any golfer.


Chris Powell

Jack Boston

Up to March 2013 I was shooting 90+ every round.

After a course of lessons with Luke my scores began to fall and by June I’d broken 80 for the first time.

I’ve now (October) shot in the 70’s six times in the last month including my best ever score of 75!

Thanks Luke.

Jack Boston – 19 H’cap.

Ben Aston

“I can’t normally be bothered to do testimonials and fill in surveys for people but really feel I should for Luke.

He is an outstanding teacher, tells me how it is and doesn’t sugar coat it which I really like. I am a feel player so need to feel positions rather than be told them and he works with me to ensure I learn and improve every time I see him.

I played some fantastic golf over the summer as a result of Luke’s lessons and feel my ball striking has improved 70% from when I first visited him in the spring.

If you need equipment he knows his stuff and fully fits you to what you need and want. It feels like a tour experience when you visit his facility and I cant even count the number of times he has changed a grip and I cant even remember how many loft and lies I have asked him to adjust.

Top bloke, top service – heartily recommended to golfers who want to improve”


Many thanks

Ben Aston

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