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Of all the irons in a golf bag, the 1 through 4 irons are considered by most as the toughest to master.  Hitting long irons properly takes time, practice and patience.  Here are some valuable tips to help you learn the right golf swing for hitting long irons with precision and confidence.

Key Elements:

Avid golfers can give you a hundred tips concerning the use of irons, but there are four key elements that must be incorporated in every shot you take: good balance, smooth tempo, club head acceleration and careful targeting.  If you’re lacking any of these, your shot will not be what you want.

Key Goal:

Striking the ball crisply and cleanly right on the sweet spot of the club face is your goal when hitting long irons.  Here is how you can accomplish this.

Use a solid stance. When you’re taking your address, make sure your stance is good and solid.  You’ll  find that if you have a slight flex in your knees it will help steady you as you go through your swing.
Have a smooth swing. This is imperative.  Bring your club back smoothly and continue a smooth swing throughout.  This is especially true as you move from back swing to downswing.  It will help keep your club face aligned correctly, and it will help you accelerate the club for improved distance.
Use your hips and feet. At the top of your back swing, remember to unwind from your hips and feet. Don’t let your hands take control of the swing.  That’s a very common mistake.  When hitting long irons, you’ll find that by uncoiling your lower body, you’ll get the power you need to move the ball down the range.
Keep your head down. If you’ve ever taken a golf lesson, the one instruction you surely received was to keep your head down.  It’s important with all shots, but especially when learning how to hit long irons.  You have to keep your head still because there’s not much room for error with these clubs.If your head comes up, or moves too much, your club head will most likely bottom out before striking the ball.  It will ruin your shot.
Your left arm needs to remain straight (for right handed golfers). This is important.  The distance between the club head and the ball changes if you bend your forward arm during the swing, and it has to be corrected on the fly to hit the ball cleanly.  If you keep that forward arm straight, you will not need to worry about making that adjustment.
Hit the ball first. A lot of golfers who are learning about hitting long irons think they should hit the ground first to scoop the ball off the fairway. The truth is, this is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Hitting the ball first and the ground second is the most important tip presented here. You must hit the ball with a descending arc.  Ignore the fact that these clubs have very little loft. Let the club do what it is designed to do, and do your part to make sure that happens.
Follow through. Finally, make sure you complete your swing with your follow through.  The club should follow a path right to the target as you finish up.

If you use these tips when you’re learning the right golf swing for hitting long irons, you will soon see improvements in your game.

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