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They trust and use the GC2 Launch Monitor due to the fact that its been tested against all other launch monitors on the market, including radar tracking devices & proved to be the most accurate!! That’s why more and more Touring Professionals from both Europe and the US are personally purchasing the GC2. Due to the fact that the Tour Players are using GC2, the R&A have enquired about purchasing multiple GC2 units to use on the practice ground at Open Championship venues!


Below are just some of the Tour players who have purchased and using the GC2 Launch Monitor…

Lee Westwood

Ian Poulter

Rory McIlroy

Graeme McDowell

Robert Rock

Philip Price

Phil Mickleson

Rickie Fowler

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One of the biggest problems faced when coaching indoors is not being able to view the ball flight – not anymore!!! With GC2 we can project a picture of a golf hole onto the hitting net, combine this with the simulation software you will now be able to see your ball flight as if you were outside!! As a result, you’ll instantly see the improvements as you adjust your swing techique during a lesson. This, combined with the video analysis, can provide an unbelievable golf lesson experience giving you instant technique feedback through ball flight and video playback of the swing. All this in the comfort of our indoor swing studio!

The GC2 delivers unmatched ball analysis accuracy in a single, all-in-one design. As a launch monitor, the GC2′s large, outdoor-readable LCD and three-setting audio feature deliver ball performance data in real-time. With a vertical range of vision exceeding 70 degrees, the GC2 gives you flawless performance on every type of golf shot – including chips and putts that other launch monitors and golf simulators miss.

You will benefit from precise ball launch analytics at club impact. The GC2 delivers the most accurate depiction of “true” performance, uncorrupted by outside environmental factors such as wind and turf conditions that commonly plague radar-based data.

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