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One of the most important aspects of the game of golf, and one of the most intimidating, is hitting off the tee. For most golfers it’s a fifty-fifty area at best.

In light of that, we’ve compiled a list of golf tips for better driving that can help everyone – from beginners to pros.

There are literally thousands of articles on driving. Some contain great, quality information, while others are lacking. One of the golf tips for driving better that is quite often overlooked, is this:

Keep the ball in play. Sounds like that would be a given. No one wants to hit their ball out of play, but for a lot of golfers, their sole focus becomes hitting the ball as far as they possibly can. The trouble with this is that no matter how far you hit the ball, it won’t do you any good if it doesn’t stay in play. That hook or slice into the woods will cost you strokes. Concentrate on accuracy over distance.

During your set up (your address), concentrate on having proper posture. Now, proper posture will be different for everyone, but there are common factors you should use as your starting point.

Your feet should be kept shoulder width apart, and you should be playing the ball off your left heel. Keep your head positioned behind the ball – from the start of your swing, until it is finished.

Avoid the tendency to stand too straight, or slump over too much. These are common errors for most golfers. Your knees should also be flexed slightly. Think of a baseball shortstop and try to have your body in a similar type of position.

Another common mistake, especially for beginning golfers, is trying to hit the ball as hard as possible. That often ends up causing a poor drive. If you want more distance off the tee, you don’t need to clobber the ball. What you need to do is maximize the speed of the club head as it descends to the ball. A faster club head speed will give you more distance.

When it comes to great golf tips for driving better, on that we can’t leave out is to try a larger club. The 460 cc drivers have a little extra weight that gives even more energy on impact. They’re popular clubs, but require more practice to master.

When using a 460 cc driver, tee the ball higher than usual. In fact, depending on your club, you may want to tee it considerably higher. You’ll want to pick up some of the longer tees for this.

Finally, on the list of golf tips for driving better there’s one that surpasses all: practice. You can’t expect to read these tips and then show up to the tee box and hit that perfect drive. You need to spend some time on the range. Implement these tips and hit some balls. There is no other way for you to improve your shots than practice.

A lot of us don’t have a whole lot of free time for practice. Even so, 30 minutes a week at the range can do wonders for your game.

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