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We can carry out various alterations & repairs to your current equipment with a professional & efficent service.

Using the Mitchell Signature Loft & Lie Machine, theres only a limited number in the UK, we can check and alter the lofts and lie's of your irons. Mitchell - the most entrusted Loft & Lie machine on the US PGA Tour.


A1MOT Bag Check

We, as golfers, need to ensure that our clubs are correct and work accordingly to fulfil our enjoyment. It will give you the confidence in your clubs.

Complete check of your current clubs.
Loft, Lie, Length, Swingweight, Frequency and Grip check.
Loft/Lie & Swingweight adjustments are included in the price.

£mitchell loft lie machine100


Loft & Lie Check & Alterations using the Mitchell Signature Machine

£40 for a set of irons

Re-Grippinggolfpride clubgrips1

Various Grips Available - from as little as £5 per grip, please enquire for prices.

Swingweight Adjustment

Swingweight specifies the balance of your club. The greater the swingweight the more the club will be head heavy, it is a major factor on the feel of your club. Thus on the confidence in and on the control of the club, there is no standard swingweight, each player has their best fit. We can assess your best fit and adjust your clubs accordingly.

£20 per club


Club Shortening

£5 Per Club & Grip Cost


Club Lengthening

£10 Per Club & Grip Cost


£10 Graphite Shaft
£7.50 Steel Shaft

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